Skin Lightening: Step By Step

applying cream on faceSkin lightening seeks to return your skin’s original complexion and shade. In addition, this comes with the added advantage that your skin also becomes healthier. The skin is a very sensitive organ and with exposure to harsh environments, it will seem malnourished and aged. Skin lightening seeks to reverse these damages from harsh conditions such as the sun’s ultra violet rays and even harsh chemicals from the products you use on your skin.

Skin lightening therefore serves both functional as well as decorative purposes. Your skin appears brighter; it diminishes dark spots and provides an even skin tone and shade to meet the decorative purposes. To meet functional objectives, your skin becomes healthier. You may decide to opt for natural methods or the use of cosmetics to lighten your skin. This is not to be confused with skin whitening.

The process to use will depend on the method you choose. There are several options to go for including both natural and with the use of cosmetics. The products used vary and this will alter the process you go for as well as the duration you will need to repeat the procedure. Every option comes with its own benefits so be sure to pick one with the consideration of your skin’s attributes.  The following are products to use to whiten your skin with the best of results while promoting the aspect of safety.

Best products to use

It is important that you are selective over what treatment you go for to prevent damaging your skin further. The following include both natural remedies as well as cosmetic treatments to help whiten your skin and leave it healthier and better looking.


Cosmetic remedies are several in the market all promising good results. However, you need to be specific about what you use, as skin is different from one person to another. The following are cosmetic solutions you can settle for.

Getting a prescription always provides better results as you rely on an experts point of view. The process is simplified as the ingredients are already combined. All you have to do is apply the cream in a circular motion as required by your prescription.

Skin lightening creams

The market offers several creams aiming to lighten your skin. Want to find out what the top bleaching cream of 2015 is? All of them are basically designed to lighten your skin by reducing the pigmentation (melanin) that causes tanning of skin. In general, no matter which product you choose you should always keep in mind the main factors below:

  • When selecting a cream, look for creams that contain Kojic acid, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxyl acids, vitamin C and/or arbutin as the main or active ingredient.
  • Apply only as directed and massage it into your skin
  • Stop use with any irritation or bad reaction
  • Avoid skin lightening creams that have the ingredient mercury due to some reactive claims which have led to its ban in the United States. Rather than take the risk, it is advisable that you avoid these products.

Consider Retinoids

Retinoids are known to lighten skin as a result of its exfoliating your skin. It is a form of Vitamin A. Other than exfoliating your skin, it also boosts your skin cell turnover. Retinoids serve the following purposes to ensure your skin is healthy and better looking:

  • It will clear any discolorations as a result of the sun’s ultra violet rays
  • It tends to aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines. It acts as a remedy for these aging signs to reverse them
  • It boosts your skin’s elasticity by plumping your skin cells so your skin gets firm

Consider a chemical peel

Going for a chemical peel is probably the last minute option. It works through getting rid of the top layer of your skin that is discolored and/or unevenly tanned. The peel reveals the under skin which is not damaged to the surface.

This process must be under the supervision of an expert. The doctor/dermatologist will apply an acidic substance on your skin and allow it rest for about 5 to 10 minutes. Due to the acidic nature, it may sting your face, which causes redness and sometimes selling of the affected area. However, this will only last a few days. It is recommended that you undergo a series of peels with an interval of about 2 to 4 weeks. Between your intervals, avoid direct sunlight.

Benefits of Cosmetic Remedies

The results tend to be noticeable sooner as compared to natural remedies. They are effective and safe when picked in the right manner and used as directed.


They come with side effects depending on your skin’s sensitivity such as redness, soreness, and swollen features.

Natural Treatment

Natural treatments to are more preferred option as the possible side effects are minimal. In addition, they are considered more cost friendly.

The following natural method requires three processes. However, you do not need to carry out the procedure on a daily basis.

Exfoliate using pure baking soda

Exfoliating your skin helps to loosen the dead cells on your skin and help it breather better. The following simple procedure will help you exfoliate at home.

  • In the ratio of 1:2, create a paste of water with baking soda.
  • Using your fingers, massage the paste into the areas you are looking to lighten. Depending on how sensitive your skin may be, you can massage it in for 30 seconds to about 2 minutes.
  • Rinse it off.
  • Repeat the above once a day especially for sensitive areas such as with facial skin. If you are lightening your facial skin, ensure that you massage it over the shortest period possible. For sensitive areas, once a day for about three times in a week will be sufficient. This is also beneficial for persons with acne complications.

Apply lemon or papaya juice

After exfoliating your skin, you can apply lemon or papaya juice. To prepare for this step, you need the fruit, some water, and a bowl, then follow the process below.

  • Slice the fruit among the two and remove seeds
  • Squeeze out some juice (lemon) or create a pulp (papaya) into a bowl
  • Using a cotton pad, dab the affected area with the juice smoothly
  • Allow it rest on your skin for about 10 minutes. Under no circumstances should you let the solution rest for more than 20 minutes to avoid acidic burns
  • Rinse it out with warm water
  • Moisturize the area to prevent drying up of your skin

Using these, fruits provide the added advantage that they are antioxidants and will therefore boost the health of your skin. Their acidic nature allows them fight free radicals. This therefore helps in the regeneration of new skin cells. They are also rich in vitamin C and citric acid.

The papaya has an added advantage as it helps with hyperpigmentation due to its papain enzyme component. After this treatment, ensure that use sunscreen, as your skin is sensitive towards the sun. When applying on the face, it is important that you do not touch on other sensitive areas such as the eyes. Persons with very sensitive skin are advised to dilute the lemon juice before they can apply it to reduce its acidic nature.

Apply some oil moisturizer

At this stage, you need to apply some oil to help moisturize your skin, brighten it as well as promote anti-aging properties thus leaving your skin healthier and better looking. In addition, your skin remains soft and supple.

  • Purchase oil that is rich in antioxidants. Also, ensure that the oil you settle for is light, and it does not clog the pores (non-pore clogging).
  • Rub some oil onto the palm of your hands and massage it into your skin. Do this up to three times a day.
  • You do not have to worry about rinsing it off. However, ensure you massage it in so your skin can absorb it to meet its objectives.
  • Apply it in the evening when applying to your face.

N/B: when working with this remedy, it is important that you do not have any wounds or cuts. This is because it contains salt and acid. This will sting you if they come into contact with a wound or a cut.

The procedure above is a three part process. You do not have to complete it on a daily basis. However, it is advisable that you moisturize your skin on a daily basis especially in the evening when your skin is not exposed to other impurities and you will be relaxed.

The number of times you opt to work with this natural process is dependent on where you want to brighten your skin, the sensitivity in the area, as well as the damage on your skin. To lighten your face, do not surpass three times a week. Also, ensure that the applications are spread out evenly through the week. If you are simply lightening skin to brighten it, once a week or twice a month is sufficient. On the other hand, if you are whitening specific areas of your skin go for the complete process at least thrice a week or simply make it every day depending on your skin’s damage.

As a long-term effect, whether you are using a natural skin bleaching remedy or cosmetic remedies, it is important that you drink a lot of water to remain hydrated. Other options to go for are the application of aloe vera, and coconut oil. All you need do is make an extract of either and massage it into the skin. Allow it rest for about 10 minutes then rinse it off. Repeat the process until your skin provides the response you desire.

Benefits of using natural remedies

  • It does not come with any long-term side effects
  • The materials are easily available as well as affordable
  • It is simple to complete
  • Due to the natural ingredients, the effects last longer.


It may take some more time as compared to cosmetic remedies.

The Alcohol Rehab Process

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common problems in the world today. It may lead to physiological problems, such as liver cirrhosis or infertility. Along with these problems, the affected person and his family may undergo serious mental trauma. Alcoholism may also affect one’s social life. Alcohol rehab centers help to treat this disease by guiding patients on how to overcome alcohol addiction. The prime responsibility of these facilities is to ensure that the affected person doesn’t relapse to alcoholism after treatment.

According to the Organic Beauty Expert alcohol detox can be just as effectively be performed from the comfort of your home, however if your loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction and want to seriously help them, we would advise you to take them to an alcohol treatment center. Here is some useful information on how to get started.

Alcohol Treatment Stepsdrunk

Alcohol treatment programs vary depending on the addiction level and the age of the affected person. At rehab facilities, treatment plans and steps are developed according to the specific needs of an individual. Here are the important steps that recovery centers follow to help the patients overcome addiction.

  1. Detoxification: Alcohol detoxification is the first step in alcohol treatment in which the patient’s body is cleansed by removing toxins. It is conducted by a medical professional since the patient might experience withdrawal symptoms, such as convulsions, seizures and tremors during the detox process. Depending on the addiction level, the detox process can be easy or even extremely painful for the patient. Without detoxifying the patient’s body, it may not be possible to treat the mind.
  2. Withdrawal: These are symptoms that result from detoxification. Since the system of the patient is used to alcohol, a vacuum would be created if alcohol intake is suddenly stopped. The patient may experience symptoms like tremors, hallucination, high fever and seizures. The withdrawal symptoms usually force the patient to revert back to the original alcoholism state. So dealing with such symptoms may be quite painful for the affected individual even under strict medical supervision.
  3. Solving the Root Cause: In addition to medical treatment, the alcohol treatment facilities also focus on correcting the patient’s mentality. There are many reasons behind the individual resorting to alcohol addiction. Treating the patient’s body is just a small part of the comprehensive treatment process. Understanding and correcting the mental and behavioral problems of the affected person is the key to treating addiction.

no alcoholTreatment Time Frame

The detoxification process can take three to fourteen days, depending on the severity of the problem. While some alcohol treatment facilities promise a quick fix to addiction, the rule of thumb is to stay for at least 30 days in residential facilities. However, some patients may stay for even a year if their addiction problem is proving quite difficult to treat. The most important element that determines the duration spent in the rehab center is the commitment level of the patient.

Types of Alcohol Rehab Centers

There are many types of rehab centers to help patients make the journey back to sobriety, self-sufficiency and good health. With the rise in alcohol addiction among adults and teenagers, measures are being taken to treat them. Here are the major types of rehab centers.

  1. In-Patient Rehab Centers: In these facilities, the patients have to stay under supervision full-time. They are designed for those with severe addiction. Their goal is to provide the patients with the tools needed for long-term sobriety.
  2. Out-Patient Rehab Centers: The patients are required to attend regular meetings at the facilities along with following strict routines to give up alcohol addiction. However, the system is not suitable for those with chronic alcoholism. These treatments demand a lot of willpower and determination on the part of the patient. If the addiction problem is not severe, the affected person can be cured within a short time.
  3. Teenage Alcohol Rehab Centers: Teenagers typically undergo tremendous psychological and physiological changes. So, treatment facilities for teenagers should be different from those for adults. Apart from detoxifying the body, the centers also help the teenagers to overcome various emotional problems by developing self-esteem and changing the overall outlook of the patients towards life.
  4. Christian Alcohol Rehab Centers: This is a relatively new idea in treating alcohol abuse. It is also known as the ‘faith based system’.

Choosing Alcohol Treatment Centersalcohol-treatment

When your loved one suffers from alcoholism, it is important to choose the right treatment center. It can determine the success or failure of a rehab program. Therefore, ensure you take your time and do thorough research so that you don’t end up with a center that can increase the risk of relapse. Thankfully, there are tips that will help you make the right choice.

  • Find all the available alcohol rehab centers in your area by searching online or asking around. Once you identify the potential centers, call them and ask questions that would reveal which center is the right one.
  • Find out the relapse rate of the patients who complete their program. Moreover, inquire the qualifications and accreditation of the employees. You will also want to find out how the employees deal with violent patients and if there have been many violent incidents in the past six months. Many violence cases often indicate lack of control by the employees.
  • Determine what program the rehab facility uses to treat alcohol addiction. Treatment programs vary from one center to another. Choose a facility with a program that suits your loved one.
  • Talk about the situation of your loved one and ask what hypothetical treatment program would be suitable for him. Ensure you get specifics. Be wary of treatment centers that are not willing to discuss their recovery plans.
  • Inquire the financial aspect of the treatment. Some centers receive private donations or government funds and seek to provide services to everyone, irrespective of their ability to pay while others are very costly and if your insurance does not cover the fees, you may end up paying the bill. Request the fee statement so that you can study it carefully.

Finally, remember that no matter how effectively a rehab program is formulated, a patient can recover from alcohol addiction only if the he takes the requisite efforts to keep alcohol addiction at bay.